Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Stanley Grenz

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I am sure I will have more to say as I absorb this news, but let me just mention a couple of things that Grenz has taught me.

First, he taught me that everyone is a theologian. His book with Roger Olsen Who Needs Theology? gave me the courage to be unapologetic about my love for theology.

Second, he taught me that not all theology is of equal importance. I cannot underscore how much this realization, again from Who Needs Theology?, has injected humility and graciousness into my own theological endeavors.

Third, he taught me to love the Trinity.

Fourth, he taught me that the integrative motif - the unifying story told by the Bible - is one of community.

Fifth, he taught me that Christian theology can and must engage effectively postmodern culture.

Stan Grenz lives on with his Lord and in us whose lives have been changed by him.

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