Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bush Mixes It Up in Chile

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It is things like this that make people (me) love GWB. My favorite picture is the one of him turning to head outside while Laura and Chile's president walk down the hall. What a guy!


ismaelct said...

I live in Chile and have been following events here (Bush's gazillion limos passed by just feets from me, actually, as I live close by his hotel in Santiago). The events you refer to and the cancelled dinner the next day are due mainly to the lack of coordination amongst security services. I understand that president Bush is a targeted man and all, but the american detail cannot be as arrogant as to inform at the last minute they want special features and have the whole country at their feet. Chile has been preparing for this summit for a year now, the level of security is unprecedented (they gave holiday on Friday just to keep people away from your prez, the whole city center was airtight closed for him, american snipers on every rooftop, mobile communications jammed, AWACS on the sky, chilean jets and hellicopters burning fuel all day long, the whole chilean Navy offshore -do they expect a terrorist on a zodiac, maybe?-, etc. Millions of dollars where spent in security and millions more lost because of the holiday). Literally, the entire city has been paralized for the guy (as I write there are still choppers hovering over head). So they really have no excuse and I find it quite insulting that they think they can change or add to this measures with no previous agreement or enough time. I certainly think that there's a reason why W is so targeted in the first place. This kind of things don't help him -or the US- in that respect.

Robb said...

Thanks for your comments. I am sure security was annoyingly tight. The thing I found interesting was how GWB went back out into the fracus to get his secret service agent. That seems in character (and indearing) for him.

By the way, how did you find my sight?

~ Robb