Monday, November 15, 2004

A Fantasy Football Rant

How is it that Peyton Manning can throw 5 touchdowns in a game and that not one of them goes to his best receiver, Marvin Harrison? What is up with that? In fact, Manning has thrown 11 TDs since he threw one to Harrison. Furthermore, in a game where the Colts dominated through the air, Harrison, regarded by many as a top-3 WR in the game, only got 2 catches for 22 yards. That is obscene! And it cost me my fantasy football game this week. I lost by 1 point. Harrison complained last week that he wasn't being targetted because he is in a contract year. Manning and coach Tony Dungy don't strike me as the kind of guys that would do that. But I am beginning to wonder ...

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Anonymous said...

Now regaring not fantasy, but real football, let review the score of Browns and Steelers game of last Sunday. Browns: not enough. Steelers: Much more.
Doc Roc