Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Senator Specter Should Chair the Judiciary Committee

I am about to break ranks with the "moral values" voters and the folks at National Review, whom I love so much.

I have come to conclude that Arlen Specter should not be blocked from serving as the chairman of the judiciary committee. Here are the facts: He is pro-choice. This is unfortunate. He has repeatedly said that he will not block pro-life nominees. This has been both his track record and his current pledge.

Now, he is working hard to preserve his chance to hold the chairmanship. If he goes back on his word that he has given so publicly, it is political suicide. I tend to agree with his assessment that he, as a pro-choice Republican, will be better able to shepherd the Presidents nominees through the process than a polarizing pro-life chairman.

Arlen, you look a lot like Kosmo Kramer, and I doubt I would ever vote for you, but I'm on your side on this one. Don't let us down.

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