Friday, December 03, 2004

Made Me Laugh

This quote from Steyn's column made me laugh.

Mark Steyn on Democrats & Election 2004 on National Review Online: "Second, prominent Democrats seem to have great difficulty getting even the well-known bits right. Christmas, according to Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1999, is when those in that particular faith tradition celebrate 'the birth of a homeless child.' Or, as Al Gore put it in 1997, 'Two thousand years ago, a homeless woman gave birth to a homeless child.' For Pete's sake, they weren't homeless � they couldn't get a hotel room. They had to sleep in the stable only because Dad had to schlep halfway across the country to pay his taxes in the town of his birth, which sounds like the kind of cockamamie bureaucratic nightmare only a blue state could cook up. Except that in Massachusetts, it's no doubt illegal to rent out your stable without applying for a Livestock Shelter Change of Use Permit plus a Temporary Maternity Ward for Non-Insured Transients License, so Mary would have been giving birth under a bridge on I-95."

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