Thursday, December 23, 2004

Vick Is Not Only Overrated, Now He's Overpaid

I have not drunk the kool-aid when it comes to Micheal Vick. I think he is overrated and probably will turn out to be injury-prone as well. He should not be the highest-paid player in the NFL. Based on performance and potential, here is a partial list of players who ought to be paid more than Vick:

1. Tom Brady - 2 Super Bowl wins in 3 years
2. Peyton Manning - the sky's the limit
3. Brett Favre - waning now, but still a stud
4. Randy Moss - means everything to the Vikes
5. Ray Lewis - means everything to the Ratbirds
6. Ladanian Tomlinson - the cream of the crop at RB
7. Steve McNair - like Favre, has an amazing body of work
8. Chad Pennington - has more upside than Vick
9. Edgerrin James - Peyton could not do it without him
10. Champ Bailey - how bad would the Broncos be without him?

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