Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Adventures of Community Man

Today was an interesting day for me. One of my goals as Senior Pastor of Ithaca Baptist Church is to see the church foster broader community relationships for the church. We have worked over the last two years on this, helping provide childcare for a park construction project. We have opened our building for Cub Scouts and parenting classes. I attended today the meeting of our county's Collaborative Council. It included the leaders of many organizations that provide needed services. I think one of the things that could come of my involvement is providing pastors in our county with a comprehensive contact list for referrals. There is nothing worse than getting a phone call from a person in need and not knowing where to send them. My involvement on this committee might work to help that.

Following that meeting, I went to Mattie's school where I worked with a group of teachers and administration to craft a new mission statement. It was fun to be doing this in a non-church environment. I think I will learn a lot through this process.

Vanessa dubbed me "Community Man." I am getting the giant C tatooed on my chest next week.


goboyle said...

Way to go Rob. Keep leading by example. I'm with you, we can't make a difference, if we aren't rubbing shoulders. I can't wait to see your new suit!

klasieprof said...

I appreciate you and the church being involved in the Community. I really got some (hee hee) out of your sermon regarding REAL SUCCESS. It was one of the first times, that I realized, "the world" I can have dramatic impact. It is NOT just "church workers". You said, Success ifs being "faithful to the Mission God has given us". Our mission is the "community"...I'm seeing that more and more. thanks.