Monday, January 31, 2005

Kerry on Meet the Press

There is some priceless stuff here from John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press. My editorial comments are sprinkled throughout.

"And, in fact, I believe the world is less safe today than it was two and a half years ago.  And, you know, I think this is one of the difficulties of what I tried to carry in the course of the campaign.  It is a difficult argument to carry in the middle of a war.  After 9/11, in a war on terror, it is exceedingly hard as a challenger to carry the argument that the incumbent president and your country are not doing what's necessary to protect itself.  But we are not."

Iraq is a "failed state" Sen. Kerry used this phase twice. What does it mean?

"I lost, Tim, to an incumbent president by a closer margin than an incumbent president has ever won re-election before in the history of the country, and if you add up the popular vote in the battleground states, I won the popular vote in the battleground states by two percentage points.  We just didn't distribute it correctly in Ohio."

WHAT? Besides the fact that this makes no sense -- aren't all states that are voting "battleground states"? Sen Kerry, you did not win the popular vote in the states voting on election day.

SEN. KERRY: If you take half the people at an Ohio State football game on Saturday afternoon and they were to have voted the other way, you and I would be having a discussion today about my State of the Union speech.

MR. RUSSERT:  And the president will say if he had half the people at a high school basketball game in New Hampshire or Oregon, he would have carried those states because he lost them by 5,000 or 7,000.

SEN. KERRY:  Well, the point is--that's right, and that's the difference.

That is too funny!

"Tim, I'm not thinking about 2008 right now."

"But you can't be--I mean, let me put it this way.  Too many people in America believe that if you are pro-choice that means pro-abortion.  It doesn't.  I don't want abortion.  Abortion should be the rarest thing in the world.  I am actually personally opposed to abortion.  But I don't believe that I have a right to take what is an article of faith to me and legislate it to other people.  That's not how it works in America."

"Now, I don't think President Bush, frankly, wants to get rid of Roe vs. Wade, and we'll see what happens."

It is nice to see Sen. Kerry speaking for the President on the issue of abortion. Ha.


A said...

I saw about 20 minutes of the show. Russert had him dead to rights on several things:
Whether or not he was on a secret mission in Cambodia on Christmas eve 1968.
His support of Justice Scalia when he was first appointed to the bench and his opposition now.
Why he lost the election.
His stance and the view of America on abortion.

Kerry is at best a Clintonesque Equivocator Extraordinaire and at worst an amazingly boldfaced lier.

Robb said...

I tend to see him like I did Gore - a person so set on being president that his whole life is consumed with it. Without the presidency, he feels like he is nothing. Therefore, he will say or do whatever it takes to make it happen. And when it doesn't happen, they can't get over it, ending up constantly justifying and rationalizing their loss. One common denominator among GWB, Clinton, and Reagan (the two termers of our lifetime) is that you could kind of sense that life would not be over for them if they lost. Their identity and personality were not wrapped up in being president. Does that make sense?