Sunday, January 23, 2005

We're All Patriot Fans Today, Baby!

Go Pats.


Robb said...

Wow. I could not be happier about the Pats smoking the Steelers. This is a huge relief for me as a Browns fan. The only problem is that it means it will be a couple more weeks before the Browns can hire Romeo Crennel. I will be willing to make the sacrifice, though. Go Pats.

Kim said...

hehehe, gotta love Bellichick. I even liked him when he was coach here in Cleveland. The man simply knows how to win, given proper support from the front office and room to actually do WHAT HE WAS HIRED TO DO. Hope Romeo doesn't get bogged down by the same BS Bill did during his stint here. Besides, how can you not LOVE a team that covers the spread? Thanks guys, for the win, my bookie hates you.