Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Has John McCain Ever Heard of the First Ammendment?

What gives Sen. McCain the right to dictate what local news broadcasts do with their broadcast time? He is upset that they did not devote enough time to local political campaigns in 2004, so he proposed legislation to force them to do so through liscensing requirements.

What about the first ammendment? What about freedom of the press? It's as if John McCain has never even heard of these concepts.


Anonymous said...

If the general public actually cared about local elections they would see more coverage on television news broadcasts. News judgements are made on capitilistic decisions. What sells is what's shown.

Robb said...

You're exactly right. And what gives John McCain the right to think that he knows better what the American people need or want than they do. The hubris of Washington politicians drives me crazy.