Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Got a Thread Deleted at

While watching the Grammy's, Vanessa and I kept saying to each other how U2 stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the music world. Their rendition of Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own was fantastic. When they won for Veritgo, The Edge, U2's guitar player, dedicated the award to his daughter Sian. It was moving and beautiful. I mentioned to Ness that I had heard a rumor that his daughter is sick. So, we went to, and on their message boards, I simply asked the question "What is Edge's daughter sick with?" Many people read the thread. Few posted. No one would say. I did a Google search and found a site that was saying she has lukemia. I went back to the thread and posted that I had read that. The next 15 posts were all about how we as fans need to respect people's privacy. When I got up in the morning, the thread - and all that mentioned The Edge's daughter in any way - had been deleted. Strange. If you want people to not talk about it, don't mentioned it in front of the world at the Grammy's. I am still stoked (did I just use the word "stoked"?) about the concert in May, though!

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A said...

My thread about the gun laws in the US got deleted too several weeks ago. It was pretty active, and had been a calm, intellectual interchange. Nothing wierd or militia like. All of a sudden, it was just gone. I am not sure who has the power to do this, but someone is obviously policing the content of threads and for whatever reason, deleting some.
There have been many threads in the past two days about the Edge's daughter's leukemia, and how the tour was cancelled 5 times in the planning stages because of it, but ultimately the decision was made to go ahead with the tour. The latest buzz is that these events are what led to the ticketing fiasco. The constant on again off again led to a lack of preparedness by everyone involved in the ticketing process. So, I am surprised that your thread was disposed of, since there have been others along the same lines.