Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Notebook

I went in search a chick flick on Friday night. I almost rented Garden State, but Linda, the owner of Movies and More convinced me to get The Notebook. Boy, am I glad she did. The Notebook is a wonderful story of lasting love. It follows the romance of Allie and Noah, from the 1940s until today. While many of their personal moral choices were unwise and immoral, they forged with one another a lasting and binding relationship. It is a wonderful story of romance and commitment. So often, love stories are purely about getting caught up in emotional feelings. This story plumbed the depths of true love by showing how it lasts even when feelings - and memories - are gone. When James Garner said, "My sweetie's in there, and my home is where she is" ... oh, the emotion and commitment. Fantastic, and highly recommended.

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