Friday, February 11, 2005

Vinny's Broken Wrist

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Here is Vinny in his cast. He broken two bones in his wrist falling off the couch on Thursday. I am super proud of him for not crying like a maniac through all of this. He chose the orange cast because he wanted it to be like the Cleveland Browns. That's my boy!

Originally uploaded by ryerse.
My children are reliving my own childhood injuries ... this summer Mattie cracked her head open, which I did when I was 5. Now, Vinny breaks his arm, which I did when I was 5. Apparently 5 was not a good year for me.


klasieprof said...

OOOH He is SUCH a trooper!!

Anonymous said...

Vinny, you look just like your Dad did about 25 years ago, except it was your Dad's right arm. I love the color of your cast. Good job, Vinny.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Rob
I was concerned about these accidents, doesn't the Scriptures talk about "curses coming down the family" perhaps it would be a good thing to pray against such ordeals for the children...I would. Sent with Blessings..Valerie - one of God's children from The Land of the Holy Spirit...consider Luke 6:46

Robb said...


Thanks for the comments. We don't believe that our family is cursed, only that "accidents" happen sometimes within the plan of God. We are thankful for how we learn to trust him more through whatever we experience. And believe me, we pray for our kids!

A word of advice from a fellow Christian and a pastor - it doesn't help your cause to post references like Luke 6:46 in an accusatory manner to people you don't even know. How can you even insinuate that we call Jesus Lord but don't do what he says, just because my son fell off the couch? That is insulting.

Thanks for visiting my blog, nonetheless.