Monday, February 14, 2005

Who Will QB the Browns in 2005?

Here are some of the options and my initial thoughts about them:

Kelly Holcomb - He is a free agent, and so the Browns would have to resign him. After all the turnover and controversy, something tells me that Holcomb is going to want to play somewhere else, even as a backup, but I might be wrong. Cleveland might be the only place where he'd have a shot as a starter.

Luke McCown - The only QB currently on the Browns roster. I don't think he showed enough in his 4 starts in 2004 to be a viable immediate solution.

Matt Hasselbeck - Matt will be the most sought after QB in free agency this year. I think he ultimately resigns with Seattle, and I think he reminds me more of Garcia than the kind of QB Savage and Crennel would want. I would be giddy if it happens (for many reasons), but I am not optimistic.

Kurt Warner - Warner would be an option if the Browns plan to draft a rookie QB. He did not love that role in NY, and I am not sure he would want to relive it in Cleveland.

Drew Bledsoe - Bledsoe will most likely be released by Buffalo, but I don't think he could survive, as immobile as he is, behind Cleveland's shakey offensive line.

Brad Johnson - If Johnson is released by Tampa, he seems like a good, quality QB who could hold down the fort while a young guy is developed. I like this idea the more I think about it.

Drew Brees - If San Diego is willing to part with Brees, he is going to command top dollar. I can't imagine the current Browns brain trust paying him what another team might. That being said, I would be thrilled to have Brees on the Browns. He has been through ups and downs, worked on a team that was young and rebuilding, and has proven himself through perseverance to be a player.

Philip Rivers - If San Diego keeps Brees, maybe they will part with Rivers. The Browns would have to give up draft picks to trade for Rivers, and I, frankly, think that there are other more pressing needs than QB, especially if it cost draft picks to get an unproven commodity like Rivers.

Mike McMahon - McMahon has floundered behind Joey Harrington in Detroit. The previous Browns' regime had shown some interest in him. If Garcia reunites with Marriuci in Detroit, McMahon might be available. He's young with upside, yet I am unconvinced.

Tim Couch - Something to think about.

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