Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wife Swap

I am still thinking about this week's Wife Swap episode. It was the one where Kris Gillespie, a conservative Republic Christian, traded places with Chris, a committed lesbian. Like many other episodes of Wife Swap, the actions and attitudes of the Christians involved deeply distressed me. I worry when the public face of Christianity is shaped by its representatives on reality TV.

Did Kris Gillespie need to shout and argue about homosexuality in front of the 8 year old daughter?
Did she need to equate these two women with child molestors, when there was no evidence whatsoever of this?
Did she need to reduce Chris to tears by calling her depraved?
Why did she make the family put a "Vote GOP" sign in the yard but did not take them to church?

It seems to me that - for many conservative Republican Christians - there is a very blurry line where Republican ends and Christian begins. I can't imagine Jesus acting the way Kris Gillespie did. We need to consider how the Kingdom of Christ can be advanced by us - a kingdom which is about both truth and grace.

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