Wednesday, March 30, 2005

BBC Professor Arrested Trying to Help Terri Schaivo

Dr. Pursley is a professor at Baptist Bible College's Graduate School. - Court Agrees to Consider Schiavo Petition: "Dow Pursley, 56, of Scranton, Pa., was shocked with a Taser stun gun and was arrested on charges of attempted burglary and resisting arrest without violence, police spokesman Sanfield Forseth said. The man had two bottles of water with him but did not reach the hospice door, police said. He is the 47th protester arrested."

Here is BBC's Official Statement

Official Statement on Dr. Dow Pursley 3/30/05

Dr. Dow Pursley is the Clinical Director of Counseling Programs at Baptist Bible Graduate School. While taking some personal time in Florida, Dr. Pursley was arrested and then released on bail last night.

While Baptist Bible College & Seminary affirms its belief in the sanctity of life as taught in the Bible and the right of our employees to express themselves in the public arena, Dr. Pursley was not acting on behalf of Baptist Bible College & Seminary. Dr. Pursley was acting upon his convictions regarding the value of human life.

BBC&S has great sympathy for the Schiavo and Schindler families, and our prayers are with them during this difficult time.

At BBGS, Dr. Pursley serves as a graduate-level professor and is Clinical Director of the Love-Life Marriage and Family Center. He is a dedicated man with strong beliefs and God-given convictions, who is a beloved faculty member. His presence in the classroom and Love-Life Marriage and Family Center is an integral part of the Counseling program.

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ness said...

I am absolutely blown away by this. I think I might actually be proud of my school. I recall having a conversation with Dr. Carter in Discussion group once about this exact kind of scenario. We disagreed at the time, but I wonder what he would say about this????