Thursday, March 31, 2005

More on Protesting Prof

article from the Scranton Times


A said...

So, do you think he is an idiot for doing this, and/or doing it this way?

Or do you think this was a good thing?

Robb said...

That's a good question.

I think it is kind of farcical to try to break into a hospice to give a brain damaged woman a bottle of water. Could she have opened it? Held it? Drank it? It seems more like a misguided publicity stunt than anything else to me.

That being said, at least he got close to the building. One article I read said that of the 47 people - including children - who were arrested for trying to do this, he made it the closest to the building and was the hardest to arrest. That counts for something I guess.

What do you think?

A said...

I think he's an idiot.

Most people that knew him, or knew of him, here in Fayetteville think he is a nutjob.

I think all this did was stroke his own ego, potentially hurt the reputation of BBC and marginalize them as wierdos even more than they already are.

There was no chance of getting into the building, and you are right, she probably couldn't have had any of the water had he gotten to her.

From a law enforcement perspective, he is lucky he didn't get shot. If I can't see a perp's hands, and he continues to keep them hidden, I have to assume he could have a weapon, and he is going to be looking at the business end of my Glock very quickly.

There has to be a better way to intellectually and positively make an impact on the issue without making a fool of oneself.

A said...

Even her parents asked the protesters to go home.

If 46 other people tried and failed, what earthly good is going to come from being the 47th?


Robb said...

I couldn't agree more.

ness said...

I think, I've got to just state for the record that the thing I initially thought was cool about this is that BBC must have known about his history when they hired him, and if he doesn't get fired, that means that BBC profs might under the current regime, be allowed to think things for themselves. Dr. Carter had to "keep his head down" for years at BBC. How many others had to leave because they believed something other than the establishment (what conspriracy theorist do i sound like???) held to? It would be nice if BBC was allowing some freedom, even freedom to be a little crazy. Besides, either of you guys ever seen a little play called "Antigone?" Sometimes somebody has to look like an idiot just to voice the fact that there is a higher law.