Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Final Four

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath ~ Here are my Final Four picks:

Wake Forest
North Carolina

That's right ... 3 ACC teams in the finals.

Duke will win it all.
~ I know, I know. I am a homer. But they are playing D this year, and I think they look good. ~

Here are some of my upsets along the way:

#12 Old Dominion over #5 Michigan State in round one.
#9 Pittsburgh knocks off #1 Washington and makes it to the Sweet Sixteen.
#10 NC State makes it to the Sweet Sixteen.
Wake Forest is the only #2 seed to make it to the Elite Eight.
#4 Louisville makes it to the Elite Eight.


A said...

I have the same final four. I also hold Duke as a sentimental favorite, but I honestly don't see them beating Illinois, and that's not just cause I grew up in IL. I picked them to go to the final game against IL, but I really think they will lose to NC and the final game will be IL vs. NC.

So far the SEC has sucked in the tournament!

rocket said...

I won't pick about your other predictions but good pick on the N.C. State!