Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Big Screen

I've got a couple of new movie reviews on The Big Screen. Check out some brief thoughts about Super Size Me and Friday Night Lights.


A said...

I would highly recommend you see the following two movies. They are both films I would probably not have opted to see on my own, but am glad I watched both of them. Especially if the balance in your movie watching could help a couple in the more "chick friendly" category, watch these and you'll get credit without any regret for having to sit through a bad or uncomfortably emotional chick flick.

Hitch ~ I laughed harder during this movie than I had in a long time. The previews make it look predictable, and at points it is, but it is so hysterical it doesn't matter.

Fever Pitch ~ Ok, I love Jimmy Falon. SNL is not the same without him. I was afraid his entry onto the big screen was going to be shallow and disappointing. I couldn't have been more wrong or surprised. He has more depth as an actor than most people might think. And even though I am a die hard Yankees fan, I didn't mind the storyline around the Red Sox. It is an important part of the movie, but does not take over the story. Especially since you lived in Boston, I think you would love the movie.

Robb said...

Yeah, both of these are on my list of movies to see. The problem is - it can be so expensive to see a movie at a theater that we generally reserve that for epic films that are enhanced by the theater experience. Chick flicks and others have to wait until they arrive on DVD. Which means, I am always 9 months behind the movie curve. That being said ... we are planning on seeing both of these ... when they come out on DVD.