Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I finally got my " Membership Card." It claims to be a "unique" card. Do you know what it is? A card-sized key ring attachment. It is metal, with the logo on the front and a place for me to sign it on the back. It is not unique. The only thing that makes it unique is my signature on it. I was hoping I would be able to say, "I am a card-caring member of," but I won't be able to say that because I won't be carry this card anywhere! Bummed out.


A said...

Dude, what the heck, you joined significantly after me and I still haven't gotten mine. There have been a ton of long threads on about the card and everyone is pissed about it. I would just like to receive mine so I could whine about it too.

Robb said...

Yeah, it is weird. I signed the one thread about whether or not you had received your card. I didn't think much of it until it came in the mail yesterday. Disappointed.