Sunday, April 03, 2005

NCAA Basketball Finals

I got to say, I could not be more disappointed with the NCAA Championship Game - Illinios-North Carolina. Granted, they probably were the best two teams all year, but I am just yawning over this one. I don't care. I probably won't watch on Monday. As a Duke fan, I hate UNC and can't picture a scenario in which I would root for them. And - and I haven't figured out why yet - Bruce Webber, Illionis' coach just annoys me. I know that is a terrible thing to say because his mom just died, but I don't want to have to hear all about that and his brother's high school championship any more. I hate the non-NFL sports doldrums.


Robb said...


That's for you, A, you grenzophile.

A said...

Ok, I understand your sentimental problems with this one. Without Duke it just isn't the same for you. But I am a little surprised that a true sports fan such as yourself can't see how cool this is. Despite the surprises, this has been an amazing NCAA tournament. How many close games, how many amazing comebacks, how many double overtimes does it take? I said going into it that there were a ton of very very good teams this year, capable of winning against any given opponent, with two exceptions. NC and IL are very very very good, just a little better than the next 12 or 15 teams on the list. IL has had an amazing season, and NC has been in the #2 seat all season behind them. The anticipation has been mounting for at least 2 months. This is going to be a clash of the titans for this year anyway. How many other NCAA tournaments actually have the #1 and #2 teams end up in the championship game? This is everything that the BCS and NCAA football isn't. They got it right, and it is going to be a fantastic game.

Unfortunately I will be in class so I'll miss the first half at least.

I will be rooting for IL, for all sorts of reasons, but just for old time's sake, I'll reply with . . .


I wonder where Dave Buck is these days?

Robb said...

I know, I know ... I should, but I don't. You are right - the tourney has been awesome, but this championship game is the one I did not want. Any other scenario, I would be interested.


rocket said...

I'm pumped. I'm a fan of good basketball and both of these teams have great athletes that play smart basketball. I don't cheer for either team but will enjoy watching the game.

A said...


I am so disappointed.