Sunday, April 24, 2005

The NFL Draft

Here are some random thoughts about the NFL Draft ...

1) It is absolutely amazing how huge it is. No other sports draft is like this. The NFL is king in the sports world - and it's not even close.

2) Detroit. 3 wide receivers in the first round in three years. I read a great comment that it looked like the Lions were drafting a fantasy football team, not a real one.

3) Maurice Clarrett - The bane of Paul Tagliabue's existence was drafted in the 3rd round yesterday by the Broncos. That was way higher than anyone thought. But Slo-Mo is now in the vaunted Bronco running back system. I think Mike Shanahan got too cute here. I think he believed his own hype - not a recipe for success.

4) Aaron Rodgers - Wow, I feel bad for this guy. Not only did he drop to #24 when a week ago he was projected at #1, but he was also drafted by the Packers. Granted Favre is going to retire soon, but come 'on, Rodgers is not going to see the field for two years.

More thoughts as the draft progresses.

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