Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A, This Is For You

Here is a list of all of the U2 setlists from the Vertigo tour. I have already set up a playlist in iTunes with songs from the concert. 17 Days!!

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A said...

Woohoooo!! I am getting so excited. VH1 had a special on them that aired over the weekend and I taped it and can't stop watching it.

I actually caved about a month ago and purchased the U2 special edition iPod. It goes everywhere with me. I have all my cd's loaded on there of U2 and just let it shuffle them randomly.

It is going to be such a good weekend in so many ways.

Have you guys thought any about what you/we want to try and do? We probably need to make sure our expectations correlate on some level. With Bryan and Robin coming for Friday night and Saturday morning I figured we'd try to do things that allowed us the most interaction as a "party of 6" as possible.

I've been thinking maybe Gino's East downtown would be cool for pre-concert dinner. Chicago style pizza . . . mmmmmmmm.

I haven't thought much about anything Sunday or Monday. Do you know when Willow Creek's services are?

Any thoughts about the weekend?