Monday, May 30, 2005

Laura '08?

I'd rather have Lynne Cheney run! - Politics - Lynne Cheney Boosts First Lady for President: "�Forget Jeb or George Prescott or any of the other political men in the Bush family. Lynne Cheney says the next Bush president should be a woman. Cheney said some people think former first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton should run for president, but she's looking to the current first lady, Laura Bush, instead. 'I think Mrs. Bush ought to run for president,' Cheney joked during a TV interview scheduled to air Monday. 'If we want to have a Bush dynasty, let's get Laura Bush.' Cheney sat for the interview with her husband, Vice President Cheney, who said he had no plans to run for president or any other office after he puts in his eight years with President Bush. 'I've got other things I'd like to go do,' he said."

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