Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Police used Taser on pregnant driver

A, care to comment on this one?


klasieprof said...

First..thank G-d that the officer involved was hispanic (or seems to be by his name) or this would become racial instead of stupid.

Second: I've NEVER heard of an 8month pregnant woman refer to the Growth in her as a FETUS :"As police officers, they could have hurt me seriously. They could have hurt my unborn fetus," she said.--goes to show how much influence the abortion community has had to refer to her baby that way...

Officer Juan Ornelas, testified he clocked Brooks' Dodge Intrepid doing 32 mph in a 20-mph school zone. OH>>>THAT IS SPEEDING?? oops...I must do that every day!!

Also..You THINK the "supervisior" that was called might have been wanted to be called again with the specifics of the case: ie preggo woman BEFORE they zapped her? nobody was in danger at the tiem..>TOO BADsomeone didn't have their cam corder with them!!

A said...

Yes, yes I would.

Several issues.

First, you can accept a ticket without signing it. It is not a recommended procedure, but an officer can write "refused to sign" on the ticket if they have to. That is probably what the officer should have done.

Second, she did resist, and took a passive resistant posture by holding on to the steering wheel and not getting out of the car when asked. This is a classic training scenario, and the officers did follow procedure (after failing to avoid the entire thing by just accepting her refusal to sign).

As Vanessa said this weekend as I was telling stories, you have to make "use of force" decisions very quickly according to your training. Yes, officers have been assaulted and even shot by pregnant women. So, you cannot ever let your guard down.

It is hard to say without being there if they were justified or not. They probably could have let her off easier on the ticket.

However, once she began resisting their requests, training kicks in. They even gave her a warning before applying the taser, and she should have realized they were serious at that point and complied with their direction. Failure to do so constituted a reasonable suspicion in the officers that something was not "routine".

We were also told in training that the taser does not affect a pregnant woman in any detrimental way relative to the baby, so if these officers were told the same thing, they would have not hesitated to use it on her.

A said...

In reference to the other comment on this, anytime an officers direction is not complied with, they are in danger. Under normal circumstances, the only people that fail to comply with an officers direction intend to do him harm.

It doesn't seem that big of a deal until you put the uniform on and walk up to a car and have no idea what the person inside is going to do. Your perspective on things changes quickly after having that experience.