Thursday, May 26, 2005

TV Thoughts

Alias - It was a somewhat boring season and I was losing interest ... until the final two minutes of the finale. I will be there next season!

American Idol - Carrie won. yawn. I think Bo will have a better career, like Clay ended up doing over Reuben.

Lost - It was good, but I was hoping to get more questions answered. They billed it that we would learn more, and we didn't. That was annoying.

I can't wait for Hit Me Baby 1 More Time.


A said...

I agree about hit me baby one more time, it is going to rock.

I disagree about lost. We learned a lot. The hatch is more than a hatch; where does that shaft go? The others are a band of pirates on a boat that want Walt for some reason. I think a lot of blanks got filled in, but just as many new ones popped up. Good finale. Quote of the episode, "Dude, you've got arnst on you!"

A said...

Oh by the way, Carrie can't carry a tune. Every song I heard her sing she hit notes that don't exist. It is painful to listen to her.

Robb said...

Hurley is THE BEST character on TV right now. No debate.