Friday, June 03, 2005

God Is Thunder

Here is a great poem by Scott Birkhead that I just read on The Ooze. Worship-inspiring.

"God is thunder, shaking the moorings of who we are

with simple words and irrefutable arguments.

He is vaporous, a distant mirage of a hinted directional,

a soft suggestion upon which we must stake a future.

God is bedrock; substantial, real, certain, unchanging,

ordered and knowable.

He is bubbling, cold, incongruous;

a stream spitting suddenly and miraculously from a stone in the desert.

God is the Holy avenger of wrong and evil,

distant arms raised to deliver wrath and justice.

He is patient, grasping every opportunity to change the human heart

through forgiveness, stooping to show us kindness.

God is aloof and supreme, judging from behind a leaden sky,

seemingly unwilling to look upon the plight we endure in our wrong.

He is a heartbroken father, torn from his children

longing for the return of even the dirtiest and most lost of them.

God is audible, a resonance we know to be true,

vibrant and alive against the sounding board of our need.

He is above and apart from us,

an unreachable pitch we can only pretend to sing."

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