Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Am Positive ...

... that there are conservative Christians who aren't going to like this paragraph.

"[Billy] Graham called the Clintons 'wonderful friends' and 'a great couple,' quipping that the former president should become an evangelist and allow 'his wife to run the country.'"


Anonymous said...

how about YOU? do YOU like it???

I read it ...and it sort of boggled my mind.

Robb said...

I have deep, abiding respect for Billy Graham. This comment kind of amused me, rather than infuriated me, for some reason.

Ann said...

At first, I was annoyed that BG had said that about the Clintons (who I wish would retire somewhere to a little island far, far away)and then the irony dawned on me. BG said he wished the Bill would become an evangelist so that the Hill 'could run the country.' Being an evangelist (of the type BG would endorse )would mean he would have to give up his wine, women and song party life -something that will never happen without a major miracle of God in his life. Assuming something like actually would happen to Bill, what would that mean to his marriage or even Hillary's relationship with God? Would she put up with someone who would offend her liberal, tolerance- worshipping constituents with his "Jesus is the only way" message? I think not.
What makes Hillary so nefarious is that she pretends to be something she's not to gain power. If she actually became the pro-life, hawk, Jesus-loving,commie and terrorist -hating, non-power hungry politician she wants us to believe that she is, wouldn't the severe objections to her by those of us on the right be gone? (BTW, that would be major miracle #2).
Since the likelihood of either happening is extremely low, isn't BG's statement akin to Jesus' "camel through the eye of the needle" passage? Not possibly humanly speaking, but possible only through supernatural intervention as the human submits to will of God.
The sad thing is that libs and people who've been duped by her spiel will more likely have her running the country in four years than of Bill credibly sharing the gospel with even one soul in that same time frame.