Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Kinder, Gentler Jessie Helms

Jessie Helms has a new book coming out, and it looks interesting, especially his comments about AIDS.

But he admits to being wrong about the AIDS epidemic. Helms was the subject of strong criticism from the gay community because of his outspoken opposition to laws to protect homosexuals from discrimination, to funding for AIDS research and to other related issues.

But in his final years in the Senate, Helms said his views evolved because of old friends such as North Carolina evangelist Franklin Graham and new ones such as rock singer Bono, both of whom got him involved in the fight against the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

"Until then," Helms writes, "it had been my feeling that AIDS was a disease largely spread by reckless and voluntary sexual and drug-abusing behavior, and that it would probably be confined to those in high risk populations. I was wrong."

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klasieprof said...

this is pretty amazing to me, to see a VERY high profile political figure REALLY change his stance publically. Kudos to Him!! Jesse was always revered at Bible College..but really he was such a NUT in so many ways!!