Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This Is Getting a Little Ridiculous

14 copies of the new Harry Potter book were sold early in Canada, so ... "Justice Kristi Gill last Saturday ordered customers not to talk about the book, copy it, sell it or even read it before it is officially released at 12:01 a.m. July 16."

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Faz said...

My company delivers THEM. Here is part of an email from the VP!

Reference: Date Critical Shipments from Levy Home Entertainment

It started Friday - July 1st - pumped into our system the next Harry Potter book from Levy Home Entertainment. There are approximately 4,000 shipments involved going to various Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Shopko, Target, and Toys-R-Us stores nationwide. A part of this distribution is now being held for delivery at your service center.

Starting tomorrow, July 13th we are to begin releasing these shipments to the respective consignees. All deliveries must be completed by the 14th. We've done a very good job at not delivering early - let's keep the performance record spotless by not delivering any shipments late.

S P E C I A L N O T E t o R E M E M B E R ! ! !

ONLY THE WAL-MART SHIPMENTS are to be delivered on Wednesday JULY 13th.

All other consignees are to be delivered on Thursday JULY 14th.

If an attempt to deliver this freight on July 13th or 14th is met with any store refusing to accept delivery - the local service center is to contact...

Levy Home Entertainment will intervene and contact each store to alert them to the fact that these are date critical and the shipments must be accepted.

It is also imperative that our drivers are instructed to contact their soon as they have delivered the shipment. Levy will be tracking deliveries and updates are required to be as time accurate as possible.