Tuesday, July 05, 2005

V Bought This at an Estate Sale ...

... for a quarter.


A said...

That is an incredible profit margin. Poor schmuck who bought it is out of their mind.

Robb said...

V absolutely amazes me when she does stuff like this. We had gone to this estate sale and had a good time. We were the first "collectors" there, so we had our pick of the place. We spent $35 total. We were walking out when V saw the fish thing and said, "Hey, I'll take this too." Not bad.

This is the same sale that she bought a change purse for a quarter. When she got home, she found a ring in it. We took the ring back to the estate sale, but they said to just keep it. She sold the ring for $127.

And you are right - people are absolutely idiotic with the things they buy!