Monday, August 29, 2005

God Behind Barbed Wire

Here is a wonderful reflection by Philip Yancey on the life and theology of Jurgen Moltmann. Enjoy.


Cathy said...

I liked the article.

Have you ever read anything by Moltmann? And if so what would you recommend?

A said...

"A person without faith may assume from the suffering on this planet that God is neither all-good nor all-powerful. Faith allows us to believe that God is not satisfied with this world either, and intends to make all things new."

Coolest quote I've read in a while.

Robb said...


The Trinity and the Kingdom of God: The Doctrine of God is the only Moltmann book I have read, though I have read several article by him. It is excellent, but it is a formal, systematic theology book that some readers might find it boring. Not me though.