Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Relief Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures from this morning of our progress taking donations of clothing and water for the hurricane victims in the south. We loaded up all of the boxes of clothes in the trailer, and now we have just as much stuff - big bags of clothes and other stuff - still in the entryway. It has been wonderful!


klasieprof said...

this shows..that one or two people Can have an ENORMOUS difference in the lives of many people!!
Great job!!!

klasieprof said...

Robb called a little while ago...They arrived at the correct destination, and just hit a RED CROSS truck as it was being loaded.
He said..some people were bringing like a bag or two..and THEY pulled up..and WHAM they were able to fill the back of the SEMI truck!!
They said..."you are FROM WHERE??"...He said that the destination was about 45 minutes away..where 10,000 victims from the hurricane were at, so as I write, our donations should be in the process of being distributed to the ones in need. Thanks for ALL those who contributed: stuffed animals, baby food, clothing (thanks Heidi!!), Personal products, water, gatorade, pop , diapers etc.
WE DID IT! WE can MAKE a difference.!!!

Robb said...

Thanks for posting an update Donna. The reaction of folks was great as we dumped our stuff on them. It is going to Fort Smith Arkanas, where 10,000 evacuees are being housed. Just one correction - it was the Salvation Army we were working with (I know how some of you hate the Red Cross).