Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Official NFL Picks


East - New England Patriots
North - Baltimore Ravens
South - Indianapolis Colts
West - Kansas City Cheifs

Wild Cards - New York Jets, San Diego Chargers


East - Dallas Cowboys
North - Detroit Lions
South - Carolina Panthers
West - St. Louis Rams

Wild Cards - Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl XL:

Indianapolis Colts - 42
Carolina Panthers - 14


rocket said...

As a Colts fan I love these picks.

By the way, have you moved to Arkansas already or is that still in the future?

Robb said...

rocket - good to see you again

i picked the colts last year too, but that didn't work out so well

no - we haven't moved yet. the last week of september is when we go. know anyone who wants to buy a house in ithaca mi?

Cathy said...

Kiss of death for the Colts right there.

You really think they can get past the Patriots?