Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Something Like Comedy

Sunday was not all tears and regrets. A couple of really funny things happened.

I was saying goodbye to an older lady at church. I was telling her about me going to Arkansas for a couple of weeks before V and the kids coming. She obviously was struggling to find the right words to say. She came out with, "Well, don't be chasing any of those southern bells." WHAT?

On Sunday night, part of our small group got together for a goodbye meal, which was nice and filled with the right mixture of tears and laughter. None more so than when we were praying together. The group decided to lay hands on us and pray a comissioning prayer for us. When it was Ron's turn he prayed that God would "breast" us. We all laughed so hard. When we got back to praying, he followed it up by asking God to give us a "double portion." It was amazing we were able to finish.


Doc Roc said...

So, you are going to do this? Well keep me informed of your doings. I look forward to visiting you and hearing of God's blessing on your ministry for Him.

Robb said...


Hey - welcome to the Grenz! You and Cookie are on my list to send a packet to this week, so you'll have more info at your fingertips soon. It's not too late to come with us!

A said...

At least come for a visit so the beauty of Northwest Arkansas can entice you to move here like everyone else!! You'll never think of Arkansas the same way again after you've seen it.

Just imagine:

Doc Roc = Educational Ministry Sensei, Vintage Fellowship Inc.