Friday, October 21, 2005

Now I Need a Haircut ...

I got a real job today - I am the new Senior Sales Associate (ie. assistant manager) at the Family Christian Bookstore in Fayetteville AR. I start on Wednesday. I am absolutely amazed at how God worked all of this out. Six weeks ago, I applied for this job, but was told it wouldn't work with my teaching schedule at Providence. Well, when I got back down here a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that they were still looking, so I called again. They said to wait a couple of weeks to call back because they were hiring a new manager who would hire the new person. I called on Monday, he called back on Thursday, and I headed down for an interview after school. The manager called back early Friday afternoon to tell me that they would like to hire me.

It is a full time job with decent pay, excellent benefits, and they are willing to work with my teaching schedule. I start on Wednesday. I am so happy because it is a no-stress job that will take very little time to get up to speed with. I will be quite busy, but at least I will be able to provide for my family and stay connected with people who might be interested in helping us launch Vintage.

God has really been gracious again!


klasieprof said... how cool is all of this. We Really DO believe God will do what He says..provide, lead, but ..He also SURPRISES us...or is that our lack of belief in the first place??


jdub said...


Sometimes God does let the kid work in the candy shop!

Sara said...

That is so awesome! Praise the Lord!

You think he could provide me with a new car before winter? (yep its broken again...)lol