Sunday, November 27, 2005

St. Joseph

So tonight at work, I heard about the St. Joseph Home Seller kit. Apparently, we even sell it sometimes at our little evangelical establishment. The myth goes like this - since Joseph was a carpenter and concerned with providing housing for Jesus, he cares about providing housing for all of his other adopted foster children. Therefore, we are to ask him to help. To further implore his help, it is customary to bury - even upside down - a statue of Joseph by your for sale sign.

I find all of this quite amusing.

Since I would rather have Joseph as my real estate agent than the one we've got, I thought it would be fun to add Joseph to the Grenz until the house in Ithaca sells. Say a prayer for me, huh?


klasieprof said...

ok you are starting to freak me out a little.

"YOU BUY it...I'll plant it"...LOL

Robb said...

I knew you'd be there for me. Now if Joseph will be too.

A said...

Is it ok to address prayer toward anyone outside the members of the Trinity?

Robb said...

No, probably not. But isn't it kind of a funny and appripo legend? The prayer itself made me laugh pretty hard - almost like it was condescending to Joseph, like he needed things explained extra slowly to him. I wonder what real estate agency Joseph works for.

kingsjoy said...

I'm in the real estate industry (sort of), so I had run across the St Joe thing before. Funny thing.

Visit my blog to find my email and let's have some coffee at Kennedy (unless you're down south somewhere, and we can meet elsewhere). --D

Anonymous said...

So why would Jesus refuse the request of his "father"? He doesn't refuse his mother, right?
Check out this book:
ed. Jennifer Ashley, The Relevant Church:A New Vision for Communities of Faith. Relevantbooks. $12.99

Courtney said...

at first, I couldn't help but think of the cultures that used to bury their first born child in the foundation of a new home for prosperity and protection (for everyone else but the first born). Everytime somebody starts talking about how far we have advanced as a civilization, you should send them a St. joe

aqisk--the look on my face while reading your latest post