Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gifts Redux

Christmas is over, but the gift-getting is not quite done. We are awaiting a couple more to arrive in the mail. So, I figure I am within the proper timeframe to give a bit of a report to all of you concerned Grenz readers about what I got for Christmas this year. All in all, it was quite good - solid from top to bottom with no weird or cringe-inducing gifts. (That's saying something!) Here we go:

U2 - Ness got me a very cool cd - a piano tribute to U2. It is a very nice twist on the only music I listen to. She also got me Into the Heart, a book of stories behind every U2 song. Great bathroom reading! Aaron got us the Vertigo concert DVD, from Chicago, shot during the two shoes after the one we were at. Awesome!

New Phone - Ness got me a new phone from Sprint, complete with a camera and all. Very nice. Too bad it took like 18 hours yesterday to get it activated and the numbers switched, but oh well.

Clothes - Ness also got me some Old Navy jeens and a flannel to go with it - too bad I don't have abs like the guy in the commercial. She also hooked me up with a nice white shirt so I don't have to look quite as dumpy while I am working.

Humidor - My brother-in-law Ron got me a very nice cherrry humidor. The Acids Aaron got me go very well inside!

Cleveland Browns - Ron and Courtney got me this very cool and unusual cancelled check. It is from the Cleveland Browns in 1983 to Central National Bank in the amount of $222,888.88. I don't know if it is a rent payment for old Municipal Stadium or what, but I can't wait to figure it out.

Gloves - My kids got me new gloves!

Noomas - My parents got me a couple of Noomas from Rob Bell, Kickball and Bullhorn. Nice.

Stone Walls - Cathy and Kevin got us a really interesting coffee table book about stone walls. I am afraid Vanessa is now going to have a project for me!

Fondu - Karen and Matt got us a fondu set, because everyone needs to dip something in chocolate.

And there were other things, too. Plus, I got great gifts from my students. It is good being a teacher. So, that's a partial list ... like you cared.


A said...

So now you've got a desk humidor AND a travel humidor! Or, one to store the regular ones and one to store your ACIDS. You did know that you're supposed to keep the ACIDS separate, right? They'll make normal ones taste funny if stored in the same humidor.

don said...

I think I've seen that Stone Walls book. Very cool.
What are noomas and acids?

A said...

NOOMA is a short film series put out by Rob Bell, the pastor at Mars Hill church in Grand Rapids. They are true to life little stories that illustrate major spiritual truth. They tend to be both very entertaining as well as very convicting. I think Robb may have shown one or two at Ithaca during a service before he left if I recall correctly

ACIDS are a brand of cigar made by the Drew Estate. They're not as naughty as they sound. They are flavored with natural oils and herbs (the legal kind) and have an amazingly wonderful aroma and taste. Due to their oil intincured nature they should be kept separate from other cigars.

Robb said...

I am unneeded on my own blog.

ness said...

Now Robb can stop giving me dirty looks when I laugh at the Old Navy "I think I'll buy my husband an old navy flannel for Christmas" commercial. I bought it before I ever saw the commercial!!!!

Matt Book said...

Acid Blondie and Kuba Kuba... yum!