Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Hate to Admit What I Am About to Type

Vanessa checked a Johnny Cash cd out of the library. I kind of like it. She put it in the alarm clock cd player so that we wake up each morning to the dum-dum-dum-dum of his guitar and his deep baritone voice singing about trains and lost loves and shoe shine boys. I kind of like it. What is happening to me?


Sandy Mc said...

Hey Robb,
Well, sounds to me like God may be preparing you to do *the dance* Brian McLaren talks of...hee hee. Seriously, there are probably a lot of Johnny Cash fans in NWA;)

Yes I am a new voice on your blog. I am wanting to connect to talk emergent with you but could not find a link to your e-m on the blog...

Robb said...


Welcome. Email me at rryerse at gmail dot com

Replace the at with @ and the dot with .


klasieprof said...

Hey..we have been seriously enjoying Johnny for a couple of years. My mom had a "man in black" CD we confiscated (heh heh..yah mom SURE you had a JC cd...heh heh)..then we got a 3 cd set that is great..ITs topical...Love, Murder, and God. Truely..a great listen.
He is more of a Christian Singer than many I've heard.

ness said...

Hi Sandy!

yes, first I got the denim jacket...then the cowboy boots...then Johnny Cash...if I didn't have two left feet, line dancing would be next...but guess it'll be a cowboy hat next.

I will absolutely be bringing home more Cash from the library.