Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is Poop the Theme of Your Life?

Here is a great article from the Ooze ... picking up where Vanessa left off.


kingsjoy said...

I love this article...I read it a few weeks ago and just had to send Heather fan mail (she said it was her first). The image of my righteousness being poop sticks with me better than "filthy rags". And, being the father of young kids, the image is, fresh.

Courtney said...

Ron and I really love this article--and can really relate (having had some ERPE just recently). The more I watch Dora grow and learn, the more I find myself wondering if this is how God sees us--so immature and yet so determined to be independent and figure it out for ourselves....all while He looks on with a heart bursting with love and a desire for us to make good decisions and recognize that He has our best in mind.

ness said...

yes, I can relate.