Monday, December 12, 2005

Some Football Thoughts

First, the Browns. Some people have asked me if I am upset about the Browns' season this year. No, not at all. They have only won 4 games, but they have been competitive across the board. (Yesterday's game was a heartbreaker. I had told V that I thought they could pull the upset, but oh well.) A losing team that keeps playing competitive games is well-coached. And that bodes well for the future. Now if they can keep a first round pick healthy.

Second, the Colts. At 13-0, I think the Colts should go for the undefeated season. I don't like the mentality that gets ingrained when teams play to not get hurt. That is for the pre-season, not for December football. Rocket, I know you'll love this, but I here on the Grenz, predicted a Colts-Seahawks Super Bowl. I am staying with it, baby.

Third, I did not get the memo on Jamal Lewis and Kerry Collins. They cost me fantasy team victories yesterday because they were playing in my game, but not theirs. I have not had time this season to immerse myself in football ( :pointstotheshirt: ), but I did not get the memo that these guys were not playing. Or I did, and it was in the 94 email I had not read and deleted yesterday.

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rocket said...

I'm hoping that you are right. It's been a fun season so far. I think they will play to win. If they get big leads they may sit the starters but you can't really sit them now with their first playoff game about a month away.