Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finding God on Lost

I loved Lost last night. The background story for Echo was amazing and interesting. It did arouse some new questions while answering some old ones, however.

I applaud JJ Abrams and the crew at Lost for being fair to a person of faith. So often, preists and clergy are portrayed in such a negative light on TV. Echo was redeemed and because of that has become a hero.

I found it interesting however that after Echo killed the old man in Nigeria, the soldier said to him "You won't need this anymore," ripping his cross necklace from his neck. If only this held true! As I have been learning more about what is happening in Uganda, I have found that often the rebel armies fight in the name of the Lord. In fact, Kony in Uganda has named his army the Lord's Resistance Army. I was happy that Lost did not perpetuate the myth that all faithful believers in God end up becoming terrorists in one way or another. For Echo, God was his redemption from a life of terrorism.


Cathy said...

That was an amazing episode. Just curious - when do you think redemption occured for Eko? I would love to see more of his story. What happened after the plane took off and why he was headed towards Los Angeles.

ness said...

i was going to blog this!

isn't this the recurring theme of the characters on LOST...they are all redeemed from their old hang ups, crimes, handicaps, etc. to live in community.

is the island heaven? or an emergent church?


i gotta get out of "The Conversation" for a couple minutes. I'm simultaneously loading ebay pics, perusing the visual ed. Ragmuffin Gospel, skimming a blog recounting McClaren's open letter vs. a Colson radio spot, after putting down Nouwen's HERE and NOW which I was reading while skimming The Addison Road blog.

There is more to Eko's story, I'm sure, which would explain exactly his redemption, but hopefully JJ Abrams won't go off to his next project and leave the writing of the the "junior year" of LOST to nimwits who will try to use body doubles to explain the missing details we are so built up for.

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A said...

This may have beem my favorite episode of the show so far.

Echo is the man.

Quote of the episode, in response to a question regarding why Echo was scratching Scripture references into his stick, "Just things I need to remember." How cool is that.