Thursday, January 26, 2006

For You Football Junkies

Here is Dr. Z from SI's take on football broadcasters. I think he is right on. I think Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are almost un-listen-to-able. As are the ESPN guys. Got thoughts?


Cathy said...

I would tend to agree. Especially about the point about the play by play guys not getting the ball spotted correctly. For someone who that is important to and necessary, I have learned never to trust them and always refer to for the correct info.

I don't mind Madden but he is predictable. You've got these guys doing those kind of things. And he is near unbearable when they are covering the Packers. Sorry Ness, I don't share your love of Brett Favre, but Madden does.

rocket said...

Theisman and Simms are my least favorites. I love Buck's voice though. But he's much better doing baseball.

A said...

I think John Daker is better than all of them and should be the commentator for the Super Bowl.