Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Torture Question

In the past, I have been inclined to agree with the Republican conventional wisdom on torture - sure, it's wrong, but given the alternatives, it is ok sometimes.

But now, as I continue to shed the skin of all that I formerly was, I am wondering. I find this article at CT very compelling.

Where is God most often found?

Is it not with the victim and the prisoner? This is one of the many mysteries of grace, that God accepts Stephen into his kingdom, along with Saul who oversaw his death.

There is a special God-given dignity in each person. This dignity is not derived from anything a person does, and therefore it cannot be given up by the person in any of their actions or potential actions. It is God-given. It is his image.

Terrorists bear this image even as they hijack planes. Capitalists bear this image even as their office building collapses. Insurgents bear this image even as they craft a roadside bomb. Journalists bear this image even as they are hit with shrapnel from that bomb. Detainees at Gitmo bear this image. Their interrogators bear this image as well.

The image of God - and the dignity it affords all - has got to mean something.

I don't have all the answers on this, obviously. And I am not sure I can answer the "doomsday scenario" question. But I am wondering. What do you think?


Robb said...

Here I thought this one was going to be controversial.

A said...

So much for this one unleashing a firestorm!