Sunday, January 01, 2006

U.S. Pastor Rescues Ugandan Children

Here is a great story about Sam Childers, doing his part to help the children of Uganda.


klasieprof said...

Now he preaches a 'gospel of involvement.'

I like that a lot. It means the Getting in there getting your hands dirty.

I'm talking about really saving a life. Most of us have never done that. And if the American people would only learn to really save a life, it would change their own ...

this is what I strive to do with the Foster / Adoption gig..give Children a change their LIVES!!
What a GREAT Story!!
I prayed what he asked.

klasieprof said...

OH yah guys better be adding on or getting a bigger house..You KNOW you are going to end up with one of these kids!!

rocket said...

Hey Robb, thanks for bringing this story to my attention. It's ticked me off pretty good and I'm doing some little things like writing e-mails to senators and passing the story on and things like that.

Unfortunately it appears that there is more to this story. The ICC, Internation Criminal Court, has indicted Kony. In 2002 a bill passed that prohibits the U.S. from aiding the ICC. There were fears that U.S. servicemen could be tried in the future for peacekeeping stuff. I understand those fears. However, now that Kony has been indicted the U.S. cannot legally include Kony in the Rewards for Justice program or even share information that our intelligence agencies might have on his whereabouts. This ticks me off.