Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Christians Fail in Africa

I have begun reading a bit about Bruce Wilkinson's unsuccessful attempt to bring lasting help to Africa. It is sobering, thought-provoking, and convicting. I hope Rick Warren is reading these articles too! I will post more as I continue to digest these. Here are a couple of articles.

Sojourner's "The Prayer of Jabez falls short in Africa"

Christianity Today's "The Lessons of Jabez"

What do you think?


A said...

I find both articles thoughtful, insightful, and carefully worded. I am struck that we need to take this lesson and apply it to postmodern american culture as well. There are no shortcuts. Blood, sweat and tears will accompany the strategy.

goboyle said...

Ditto Aaron on the articles. I especially found the words, "there are no shortcuts," challenging to me as we head down the road God has laid for us!

Thanks Rob for sharing it with us.

Sandy Mc said...

to "Hebrews"..."heros of the Faith"...and "run the good race"...I add "Humble Helplessness"

Thank you, those articles spoke to me today.

Having had a first hand experience of the clash of culture because of my friendship with two female international students (roommates, one Kenyan, one Malysian, both professing Christians) at SVSU one semester, I am keenly aware of the differences of "living one's faith" in Africa vs other places.

I am not a particular fan of Bruce's theological assumptions, but my heart weeps for his failure on this.

And yes, A, I has transferable applications in our post modern times in North America...sadly perhaps culturally closer to than I am comfortable with.