Thursday, February 23, 2006

Creamed Corn, mmmmm yummy

I am passionate about Christians learning to resolve conflict correctly. I am bad at it, and, in fact, I have observed very few who are good at it. One of my favorite sermon series I ever preached was "How to Fight Like a Christian." Here's a really good article from The Ooze about conflict resolution.


Sandy Mc said...

One difficulty I have found in trying to confront and reconcile is that many of these kind of friends are "cat" Christians.

They do their *deed* and walk away, not even looking over their shoulder to see how you might have been affected. To chase them down is not an easy behaviour for a "dog" who has their attention focused on the Master. I personally have not heard "sik 'em" from Jesus though perhaps from the father of lies.

I will assume most of them have enough "dog" in them that in their hearts they do not mean to do stuff like that. So,maybe those of us ("dogs")who see the conflict bear a special burden (a HARD one) to reconcile in ways that help the person put more of the "cat" aside allowing them to curl up closer to the feet of the Master becoming more of the "dog" in them.

ness said...

It would actually be a huge relief to me if people would just say what their problem is. I am a fairly sensitive person and I might pick up the vibe that someone is ticked, and then I am walking on egg shells wondering what I did wrong. It is the worst feeling...waiting....bracing myself for a fight....running through the list of possibilities in my head....ugh.

ness said...

And creamed corn is absolutely disgusting, I don't care what you say.



Technicolor Yawn.

Robb said...

I am not talking to you for 3 weeks.

Sandy Mc said...

Thanks Ness for the perspective I had left out...the too often *kicked* dog who retreats with his tail between his legs...I have done that more often than I want to admit.

Oh, and creamed corn can be a wonderful addition to certain with so many other *distasteful* things in life it takes adding it to a real "community" of ingredients.

A said...

Creamed corn rocks!!

You guys, obviously have no taste.

I will admit to being a brand snob though when it comes to creamed corn. Some of them are nasty. Green Giant is the only one for me.

Sandy Mc said...

I never said I didn't like it;) Seriously, not my fav. but not gonna make me hurl like Ness indicated.