Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Don't Know If I Can Take It

I'm not easy on my knees.


A said...

Where is the love?

What's up?

Robb said...

I have noticed that knees and kneeling is a returning motif in Bono's lyrics. I think it is his way of talking about prayer. And I can identify.

I am feeling overwhelmed by what I have to do before Wednesday afternoon. I am feeling overwhelmed by the house selling situation.

I don't know if I can take it.

And ... to make matters worse. I am not easy on my knees. I am not a very good pray-er. I am not a very good truster. I am not very good when I am not in the loop.

Ness posted similar things on Happiness. And it scares me even more when we are both feeling the same thing at the same time - we can't talk each other off the ledge.

Maybe sunny central Florida will do me some good.

A said...

Oh yeah, if you can get through till we step on the plane, leave the rest up to me. We'll cure what ails ya'.


On a side note, the "Helllooooo, la, la, la." episode of Seinfeld was on last night. Ironic timing given the reference on Crumbs not long ago.

Sandy Mc said...

{{{{HUGS}}} friend...Satan sure stalks sometimes, ya know? Praying for God's armor to help you to stand firm!

Anonymous said...

Well as a brother, I will pray for you.

One question I have but its more rhetorical: How do we know God's will.

What I mean by is; when things do not go our way does that mean he is putting road blocks to turn us or opportunities to trust him. How do we know what the difference is, especially if we are in a season of dry prayer.

The only thing I can offer is persevere and read the Word. Easy words toughs actions. In fact praying is the toughest non action we can do. Non action because we don't do a thing other then cry out to God. Tough because we want to do not wait or even trust.

I am not saying your out of the will of God, but rather as I look at my life and the obstacles that I'm facing I am wondering...