Monday, February 20, 2006

The Joke's On Us, or How Ricky Williams Saved $8,000,000

Big NFL story of the week - Ricky Williams has now failed (or missed) his 4th drug test. This means he will be automatically suspended for a year, and if he misses or fails another, he will get the lifetime ban from the NFL.

On the brink of the 2004 season, Ricky "retired" so that he could smoke pot, study Buddism, and tour the world without the pressure of carrying the football or passing NFL drug tests. One problem - the contract he signed. Judges ruled that if he did not come back to play, he would have to repay $8 million in signing bonus money he had already received from the Dolphins.

So ... Ricky "unretired" for the 2005 season. He served his 4 game suspension and then went on to have a decent year.

And now, he has missed or failed (depending on the version of the story you read) another test. Strike four. He gets another year off from football, but ... he has not violated his contract. $8 million back in his pocket, a joint in his hand, and a plane ticket to India.

Ricky Williams is smarter than I gave him credit for.

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Cathy said...

Run Ricky Run.

I don't know why I always end up with the certifiably crazy running backs on my team.

Ricky led the way and then there is Clinton Portis and his multiple personalities.