Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Maybe I'm a Crunchy Con

I have been looking for a new political label for myself lately. In many ways, I have felt disenfranchised by the Republican party. While I am no liberal, I am not seeing things as clearly in conservative black-and-white anymore. Ever since Vanessa posted about how the emerging church will affect politics, I have been considering a new personal paradigm for political thought. (That's a Grenz post in the making.) It has a long way to go, but it may be furthered by what I discovered today - Crunchy Cons. I am going to be checking out this book and reading the blog on National Review. What do you think?

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Sandy Mc said...

LOL, that's an interesting looking book...

My question is what is the postmodern line of thinking on labeling (in general)? Sorry of my lack of knowledge, but in my experience with our older kids it seems the 25 and under crowd seems less willing to label themselves...well, actually more that they don't buy into pre-made labels because they are too constraining of one's individuality.

I guess I am not a label person either. The "hip homeschooling mamas" phrase in the title of that book is enough to keep me from reading it. Those of us old school homeschoolers varied in our focus (evangelicals to unschoolers), recognizing our differences of philiosophy yet hanging together to forward the homeschooling cause at the grass roots level...we were not "hip," more often being chastised and rejected for our choices.
Interactions with Christian homeschoolers (I was not a believer then) influenced my seeking.

I wish that whatever "label" people might choose for themselves it would be about God FIRST...that we would pursue everything in passion led by Him and people would know us by that and any labels would reflect His glory...anything else we might gain being icing on the cake!

klasieprof said...

RObb..this is exactly where I have found myself to be.
AS a "Children's Defense Fund Fellow" and a "Michigan's Children"'s VOICES LEadership Fellow, (sort of "democrat" leanings) and a host of Public positions, while working in the SOcial work setting, it has been incresingly daunting to follow the political "discussions", seeing what "typical" Republican behavior is..That being Slashing budgets for "our most vulnerable" citizens...
whether it is Old, aged, or babies and socail welfare.
I look forward to seeing more on this..I'm just broke so Ican't buy any books.

klasieprof said...

OH,,,I used to be a hiphomeschooling momma..but put the kids in a charter school...LOL

kingsjoy said...

Robb, this is me too. We didn't get around to this the other night at 'Wings (thanks for the invite, btw), but I voted for both Bushes and was pretty darn anti-Clinton. But, I don't fit the conservative Republican label very well. I blogged a while back about my "inner hippie"--definitely not congruous with Bush or Dobson groupies. Let me know about the book, I may need to pick it up as well. ~David

F.B. Jones said...

I have been calling my self a Independant Nationalist Conservative for over a year now. I call my self a Christian first. Political affiliation is a distant second place to that. I wish we could get a solid third party. That would be I nice change from the Demicans and Republicrats.